ALISON THISTLETHWAITE ©david and ali thistlethwaite 2013 Typical Prices Note On-screen colours are a good guide to actual paintings but appearance will vary according to lighting conditions. To see or buy, contact us

Presence November 2008

Acrylic on canvas 63 x 83 ins (161 x 210 cm)

This painting was begun at the beginning of the recession when there was much gloomy talk in the air. As the painting proceeded, the presence of God in His over-ruling love became far more strongly the overwhelming reality, not at all far but near.

Known and Loved 2014
Acrylic on Canvas, 48 x 36 inches

Paintings for large spaces (approx 7 x 9 feet) price on application

Grace Coming 2014
Acrylic on canvas
48 x 36 inches